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Everyday: Stuffed Rigatoni, 1 Meatball $6.75
Monday: Hot Beef Sandwich, Plate Fries or Vegetable $5.50
Bowl of Chili $5.50
Spaghetti, 1 Meatball $5.50
Tuesday: Meatloaf, French Fries or Vegetable $5.50
Spaghetti, 1 Meatball $5.50
Wednesday: Stuffed Cabbage with choice of:
A Plate Fries, Side Spaghetti, or Vegetable
Thursday: Spaghetti, 1 Meatball $5.50
Spaghetti, 2 Meatballs $7.00
Spaghetti, 1 Sausage $7.00
Friday: 1 Piece of Fried Cod, Plate Fries or Vegetable $5.50
2 Pieces of Fried Cod, Plate Fries or Vegetable $7.50
Fish Sandwich, Plate Fries and Coleslaw $5.00
Saturday: Double Meatball Sandwich with Melted Cheese, Plate Fries $5.75

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